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More than 75% of men aged 50 and over suffer discomfort, restriction and dysfunction in their day-to-day existence and sex life.

Urinary and sexual dysfunction of this type are generally due to the ageing of a gland, the prostate, which swells causing problems that vary in their severity. This condition, called prostatic adenoma, is well known to the medical profession. It is actually easy to avoid, diagnose and/or treat if you’re prepared to seek help.

If not, on-going adenoma can have disastrous consequences including acute infections, prostatitis, bladder stones, incontinence and impotence.

A major breakthrough in the battle against prostatic adenoma

From the age of fifty onwards, for around 75% of men, the prostate enlarges to problematic proportions.

Known as hypertrophy, this presses down on the urethra canal potentially obstructing the flow of urine and preventing the full emptying of the bladder, causing those more frequent and more urgent trips to the toilet. When the bladder isn’t completely emptied of urine, the remaining drops stagnate and can trigger hydronephrosis (a condition where the blocked urine is forced back up towards the kidneys which swell and potentially perforate). This is called uraemia – a toxic condition where waste products pass into the bloodstream.


Adenoma, or prostatic hypertrophy, is characterized by an increase in the size of the prostate. The potential consequences and complications of prostatic adenoma are not to be taken lightly. Men with benign prostatic hypertrophy are more likely to suffer one or more of the following conditions:

Urinary infections:

a bladder that hasn’t been completely emptied is vulnerable to bacterial infection, and repeated urinary infections may require a surgical procedure to reduce the volume of the prostate and remove the obstruction in the urinary tract.

Acute retention of urine :

when the urethra is severely compressed, urination becomes impossible, resulting in acute pain. This is a medical emergency. 30 years 50 years Bladder Urine residue Prostate hypertrophy

Bladder stones:

Hard build-up of minerals can cause infections, irritating the bladder walls and obstructing the flow of urine.

Distension of the bladder walls:

Prostatic adenoma can accelerate the aging process of the bladder walls; with time, the walls slacken and contract less efficiently.

Kidney damage:

chronic retention of larger amounts of urine in the bladder and repeated urinary infection can cause long-term rental dysfunction.

5 ingredients to create THE PROSTAFLEX SOLUTION PROSTAFLEX is a dietary supplement specifically designed to provide a permanent solution to your prostate problems using the following:

Pumpkin seed benefits

Long-term trials have clearly shown that pumpkin seeds contribute to prostate ‘rejuvenation’, thanks particularly to their essential fatty acid content. In the US, an LA medic, Dr. Cooper used it to treat his patients, and noted a reduction in prostate volume and improved pain and incontinence, alongside increased libido and urinary flow.

Zinc benefits

Again in the US, a Boston medic, Dr. Benjamin F. Sievem, carried out a study on 200 sufferers of benign prostatic hypertrophy (adenoma). He drew the following conclusions: Zinc plays a role in many different bodily processes and, more interestingly, the prostate is one of the biggest consumers of zinc in our body. Taking zinc supplements can avoid problems such as increased prostate size, infections of all types and sexual dysfunction.

Magnesium Chloride benefits

A supplement particularly worthy of note is magnesium chloride which according to US studies, has been proven to be very useful in treating prostate conditions. The outcome of these studies is that magnesium chloride should be prescribed as a preventive measure to all men over the age of 40, to greatly reduce the rate of occurrence of adenoma in the over fifties.

Nettle Root benefits

Nettle is used in Europe to relieve urination symptoms associated with prostatic adenoma. Various studies have produced highly conclusive results: in two one-year studies, a standardized extract providing 240 mg of nettle per day was proven to be as effective as chemical medicines.

Epilobium benefits

Epilobium is a plant containing mucilage, flavonoids and phytosterols with proven efficacy in combating prostatic adenoma and impotency.

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