The active ingredients of PROSTAFLEX get to work right from day 1 of treatment, with 4 highly effective actions.

PROSTAFLEX increases sexual potency, restoring comfort and pleasure to your private life....

A formula packed with rich plant extract giving fast and long term pain relief!

Action I
PROSTAFLEX increases urinary flow, so you can empty your bladder fully. If your bladder is not fully functional this can lead to painful conditions that can cause physical and mental ill health.
Action II
PROSTAFLEX regulates and reduces the urge to urinate frequently day and night. You’ll finally be able to enjoy a whole and uninterrupted night’s sleep. You’ll be less tired, have more energy and ready to enjoy life’s pleasures freely.
Action III
PROSTAFLEX guarantees a return to fulfilling sexual potency and a problemfree sex life. Epilobium flowers have been used for thousands of years for their stimulant and aphrodisiac properties.
Action IV
PROSTAFLEX combats infection and the inflammation association with urinary problems. When urine remains in the bladder, because the kidneys are too weak to expel it, extremely painful infections can set it, and potentially

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