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Just some of the amazing success stories from our satisfied customers.

Philip Whiting, 52 – Hastings
“I’ve got my self-esteem back”

My prostate troubles struck suddenly, almost overnight. I was 52 years old. After the infamous ‘examination’, I was told that, indeed, my prostate was quite enlarged. The worst thing for me, even worse than the urinary problems, was the impotence. I’d never had any sexual dysfunction before, never! Now I can say that with PROSTAFLEX, I’ve got a healthy prostate and I’ve got my self-esteem back. You can’t put a price on that! ”

Philip Whiting, 52 – Hastings
Bob T. Cheshire
“ It was my last hope...”

I had never been so down, so depressed and ‘lacking’ as when I had prostate problems. Dealing with it day in day out almost drove me into a major depression. I had absolutely no control over my sex life and despite taking the usual medication for treating adenoma, nothing worked. PROSTAFLEX was my last hope and the impact on my love life was a miracle.

John Rutter, 63 – Richmond
James L. Kent
“A two-month treatment got me right back on my feet...!”

I didn’t find it easy to talk about my impotence and incontinence to anyone, not even my doctor. I was embarrassed and it even got to the point where it a affected my marriage which has always been rock-solid. My wife thought it was her fault! When I finally plucked up the courage to explain, it was she who found PROSTAFLEX. One two-month treatment got me back on my feet. You can take my word for it...”

Paul Harris, 60 – Gloucester

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