The power of nature to help your prostated. Please see out pricing below:

Preventative Treatment 60 tablets

Prostaflex 1 month

A one-month preventive course, from age 50 onwards,
is ideal for prostate-related urinary and impotence issues.
£69.90 £29.95 £39.95 Buy Now

Full Treatment 120 tablets

Prostaflex 2 month

A 2-month course that will immediately cure
symptoms and maintain your prostate in full health

£128.80 £53.85 £74.95 Buy Now
Intensive cure 180 tablets

Prostaflex 3 months

A 3-month treatment specifically designed for men
suffering moderate physical symptoms, provide intense relief
£189.70 £89.75 £99.95 Buy Now
Super-Intensive Treatment 360 tablets

Prostaflex 6 months

A 6-month treatment for the super-intensive treatment
of pain, infection and conditions affecting the prostate.
£349.40 £159.45 £189.95 Buy Now

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